A house big enough for the whole family reunion

My sister-in-law Lynne did some digging from Arkansas.

She found a tri-plex a short stroll from the Gulf of Mexico that could fit everybody traveling to South Padre Island for the third edition of the every-other-year family reunion.

Two up, one down.

The three separate apartments had plenty of bedrooms for every possible breakdown of sleeping arrangements.

In our upstairs left unit, for example, my dear wife Karen and I, dear daughter Elisabeth and sensational significant George Three and brother-in-law Scott each had their own room. The living room/kitchen space and two bathrooms were plenty as well.

Underneath in front were two picnic tables and a grill. A stacked washer/dryer sat behind a garage door. There were two outdoor shower spigots.

Ready for a dip.

The backyard held a pool, tables and chairs.

Swimmers wanted.

The water always seemed to be about 90 degrees F to me, with only the sun helping.

From our house.

Every morning I walked east from the house to the Gulf of Mexico to greet the sun.

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