A tasty little brewery on South Padre Island

As we proved two years back in Kona and four years ago in Estes Park, we four definitely like to test the local brewery during my dear wife Karen’s family reunion.

There it is!

In fact, we walked down the block to the South Padre Island Brewing Company our first night in.

A big board.

The place was way smaller than Kona Brewing, with five of their own beers listed on the board for sale.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Karen and I enjoyed the Raspberry Wheat, while George Three liked the Speckled Trout stout.

The burgers made us happy, too, and George gave a thumb’s up to the fish tacos. I apparently was too hungry to take a photo of the food.

Gear and such.

I spotted the hat I wanted in the display case and vowed to return another day to purchase the purple delight.

Night fell.

Somehow I knew we’d be back at least once.

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