Sometimes I must compare

While my dear wife Karen and I were appreciating our strolls around the neighborhood of the cottage we rented for this year’s trip to Cape Cod, we both decided it would be a good adventure to go inside the Town of Dennis Public Library.


We knew we wanted to compare it, outside and in, to our very own Liverpool Public Library. Except for Sundays in the summer and holidays sprinkled throughout the year, we’re open every day. They are a five-day-a-week operation with shorter open hours.

Hook it up.

This Massachusetts library offers a bike rack that features the shape of a bicycle.

Your bike goes here.

You can see why that made me feel somewhat at home.

Interesting layout.

Their main room features a mid-century modern look. Our main room is in the middle of a transformation that will make it look way more modern.

Piecing it together.

They put out a huge puzzle with an invitation for anybody to pitch in. I will show this to our planning people.

Checking them out.

They are part of a system called CLAMS. We are part of a system called OCPL.

I could go on, but I’ll leave the visit at that.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes I must compare

  1. The library branch I go to most often also puts out puzzles for the public to enjoy. I think that’s a great idea especially on hot summer days when people who don’t have AC need to find somewhere cool to spend a few hours and maybe don’t want to read the whole time.

    But my favorite feature of my favorite branch is their “nearly new” section. “New” books are limited to a 7-day checkout without a renewal option, but “nearly new” are allowed the normal 3-week checkout – with renewals. Simply by waiting a short time I can read the newest published books and can do so at my leisure. And I don’t have to search through all the stacks to find them. The branch nearest to my home doesn’t offer “nearly new” so I’m willing to drive the extra 20 minutes just for that.


    • That is a great section for sure, CM. The LPL, where I work, has Lucky Day for the 7-Day (we do allow one renewal period so even the brand new get two weeks) and the New Fiction for the “nearly new” three-week check-out and regular renewals allowed. So, less searching, as you say.

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