There’s a gem down there at Vesper Hills

Why would KP and Tater have me go to the end of the world and take a right to join them for our first round of golf together this season?

Ah, yes, I see it.

Ah, Vesper Hills.

Pretty place.

OK, so it really took me just a bit more than a half-hour south on 81 from Liverpool and then east toward Vesper to get to this course not far from Otisco Lake.

Our gang.

I was glad to play with the boys.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The course folks sprinkled the layout with interesting items, ranging from horseshoes to mark the tees to a fire truck in the middle of the front nine to a tall weather vane near the clubhouse. Mother Nature provided the creature we spotted near the third tee box. After a bit of a discussion, we decided tue spectator not shy a bit was a coyote.

A fine round through it all we had.

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