Lobster in the wild

We didn’t wait long into our Cape Cod week to take our lunch trip Sesuit Harbor Cafe.

Like it always is.

The rustic joint is pretty in its own way.

They’ve got our number.

Order at the inside counter when your turn comes from the line. Step outside to a picnic table overlooking the water and moored boats. Wait until a server comes out bearing your food on orange trays.

Cracking good.

My whole lobster was more delicious than ever. I get better at the removal of the meat every visit.

On a roll.

My dear wife Karen’s lobster roll was fantastic, as always.

Fries, tops. Slaw, fantastic.

They can go where their hearts desire.

Did I mention the view?

14 thoughts on “Lobster in the wild

  1. Oh man, I bet that big lobster was affordable, too. Critter that size over here would be $35 easy. btw, at first I thought that lobster bid was your tee shirt and I was gonna applaud your effort at themeing your wardrobe to your meal. 🙂


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