We lead our dog to water once more

Will our cherished rescue mutt ever want to swim?

Land shark.

To prepare for our big return to Cape Cod, my dear wife Karen bought a little present to coax Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle a little more.

Patrol the shore.

OK, her protective floatie vest complete with decorative fin looked pretty darn cute, too.

Paddle, dog!

Perhaps we did get a doggie stroke or two without touching bottom when she ventured out into the pretty lake with Karen.

What’s that?

Really, though, she prefers the prowl searching for other things and stuff.

19 thoughts on “We lead our dog to water once more

  1. Such a cutie! I love the vest. Sadie will swim to get things (read birds) retriever style, but she’s not all about swimming in general. Otherwise, there’s so many more interesting ‘things and stuff’ on the land.


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