Give Ellie B her toys, floor space … and the beach

Cape Cod

Happy dog.

So the week following Memorial Day didn’t turn out to be great beach weather for our cherished rescue mutt Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle.

No worries.

She was happy to make the trip, to be with us, the kids, her toys …

Cape Cod

Ellie B loves the Nantucket Sound.

Wait. Toward the end our our 10 days, the weather turned very warm and sunny. We bought a 40-foot beach leash at the doggie boutique store in the village and planned a 6:30 a.m. trip to the West Dennis Beach the following morning, our next-to-last full day on the Cape.

Cape Cod

Happy dog and dad.

Our cherished rescue mutt used every inch of that 40-foot new leash.

Cape Cod

Burn off the haze.

My dear wife Karen and I were glad the beach rules were relaxed early in the day for dogs to enjoy vacations, too.

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