No, she didn’t, but J-Lo works hard to make things right in Second Act


The original premise behind Second Act is so ridiculous for a certain generation of workers that this latest vehicle for Jennifer Lopez could never be considered worthy in any way, shape or form, right? Right??

She plays a hard-working, smart assistant manager of a big box store in New York City. Her co-workers love her. The customers adore her. The programs she’s set up work, for both sides of the retail equation. So when the position above her opens up … the organizational hierarchy brings in an outsider. With a degree. Which she doesn’t have.


Out the door she marches after meeting the man.

So starts a round of deception so deep that the yikes in any worker-brain should just about short circuit.

Her friend’s social-media savvy son set her up with a whole new Facebook persona. It lands her an interview with a big company, which her circle of friends convince her to take.

And smart woman without any of the degrees on this Facebook resume gets a high-falutin’ consulting position that really is a dream come true.

No more spoilers here except to say that her boyfriend, really a bit part for TV dad star Milo Ventimiglia, is about the only one who things she ought to come clean, and walks out of their relationship.

She dives into new connections at the big company, relationships that reveal things with layers that get more and more complicated as each is peeled back.

And J-Lo is good. So is Leah Remini as her bestie suddenly left in the backwash as her pal dances at new parties.

The movie about a work no-no that’s so egregious becomes full of warm fuzzies and more.

Not what you think. (From

Left is right, down is up. Vice is versa.

I liked it.

Go figure.

8 thoughts on “No, she didn’t, but J-Lo works hard to make things right in Second Act

  1. I can’t. Just can’t. As someone who actually has the degrees and works in the corporate world, I can’t buy into it. I’m all for suspending disbelief temporarily but this one just seems pretty ridiculous.


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