Opening Day brings everything but a Syracuse Mets win

Our family excursion to see the first-ever Syracuse Mets game brought a traffic jam.

Security check.

By the time we wound through the streets and into the satellite lot, it was perilously close to the Thursday afternoon start time of 2 o’clock. Yet still there were deep lines for the gate security check.

And we’re off.

We still made it to our great seats in time for the first batter.

… and a miss.

Our third-base side spot was perfect to watch the concentration at the plate of the most famous Syracuse Met, outfielder Tim Tebow.

Happy us.

For the first half of the game, the shining sun brought smiles to the faces of my dear wife Karen, great daughter Elisabeth, sensational significant George Three and myself.

Different view.

When the shade came, we decided to follow the sun to right field. The upper deck was breezier.

Alas, in front of a big and enthusiastic crowd of 8,823, the Mets could not hold their 3-2 lead. The game went into extra innings, and the Red Sox prevailed 6-3.

I think we will wait for warmer temperatures than low 40s dipping into the high 30s for our second excursion.

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