Bowling with the kids

Looking spiffy.

My terrific daughter Elisabeth has rekindled her interest in bowling.

She and sensational significant George Three have been taking fantastic nephew Mason to learn the sport.

To mark the occasion of the arrival of her new bowling ball and shoes, she asked if I’d like to join them for an open bowling session on Saturday following the Syracuse Mets open house and a lunch.

George’s lovely mom Susan brought Mason to lunch and the lanes.

The kid delivers.

Mason got a new ball, too. And the 7-year-old is quickly taking to the game that I started learning with my dad and mom at about his age. He is a quick learner. When new folks joined us to the lane immediately to our right, I gently told him the tale about the bowling etiquette of right-goes-first courtesy. He only needed to hear it once to follow it strictly the rest of the session. What a respectful person.

New gear.

Elisabeth asked me if I ever bowled on lanes where people put up the pins instead of machines. I related to her how when I was even younger than Mason, my grandpa belonged to a club that had four lanes with human pinsetters. Yes, when the men weren’t rolling, they’d let this kid try it. But I’d have to run back and forth and set the pins myself. No, they would not let me jump up on the back stand to pin-set their games. Too dangerous, said my dad and his dad.

Fast ball pitcher.

George Three already had his own ball, and wow, he could throw it down the lane with speed and power. Oh, kids these days.

Susan bought two large plates of fries for all of us (wait, we just came from lunch, but nibble I did) and a coffee for me. Thank you!

After our three games, I thanked Mason for allowing me to join them and said I hoped I could bowl with him again someday. He said sure!

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