Take us out to the Syracuse Mets ball game

We’ll be there for the first game.

Before we went into NBT Bank Stadium for Saturday’s Syracuse Mets open house, we stood with a tight know of other fans waiting for the ticket windows to open to start individual game ticket sales for the 2019 season.

Most of the fans wore blue-and-orange Mets gear to celebrate this first season of togetherness between the downstate parent club and Central New York Triple-A squad.

Four windows opened right at 9. I was second in line to score our four tickets for the April 4 afternoon contest against the Pawtucket Red Sox.

I will attend with my terrific daughter Elisabeth, her sensational significant George Three and my dear wife Karen (who had to miss the open house and thrill of this moment of purchase, unfortunately).

The view will be …

George and I trundled down unshoveled steps to our seat locations on the third bases side, five rows up.

… pretty darn sensational.

Come on, big melt.

8 thoughts on “Take us out to the Syracuse Mets ball game

  1. Nice seats! This will be great for Syracuse and so much better for the Mets than Vegas. And in a month all that snow will be gone … well, it should be!!


  2. Oh you did get some good seats. Congratulations on putting into motion the promise of a really great season ….. When that snow melts. I thought of you often as I actually was inside for too many days in February due to SNOW!!!! All my best to you and wishing you a great night at the ball game.


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