Happy Thanksgiving! Let there be Lights on the Lake

Plenty of dogs and walkers.

I promised to walk through Lights on the Lake last week to share photographs of the festive displays after night fell.

I chose Wednesday, which was the night the display on the shores of Onondaga Lake was open to dogs and their walkers.


I was between my main day and a night obligation two blocks up at the library, so I chose 5 p.m. to scoot along the Onondaga Lake Park trail.

Trees and more.

I think I was rewarded with some nice contrasts for my iPhone 8.

Tunnel effect.

I believe there are some new things.

Moon over Onondaga Lake.

The lights got brighter as the night got darker. Or so it seemed.

Enjoy the drive-through, Central New Yorkers.

16 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving! Let there be Lights on the Lake

  1. I do so enjoy these types of things. Saturday night we will make our traditional pilgrimage to the center of our Circle City and see our Christmas tree made of lights. It’s always a nice time.


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