A pretty place in Lake George

My dear wife Karen and I did not have to get back into the car to have a great first night in Lake George.

The walk around the grounds at Cresthaven Lodge was amazing. The place had many finer points.

People were still swimming.

We saw one gentleman retreated from the pool.

Real sand.

Or maybe it was the beach.

Karen approves.

Yes, I could see my California Girl taking advantage of both in warmer seasons.

Sitting spot.

We saw places were folks could socialize.

Pretty all around.

Or turn around to admire the architecture of the buildings.

Put it out there.

Workers made sure the decor matched the times, too.

Oh, the reds.

The winner still was nature.

Boathouse for us.

The graciousness of The Boathouse was a close second.

We spent a leisurely time at the bar for beverages and our table for dinner.

Included in the seasonal getaway special was a $50 discount card toward dining in the restaurant on the grounds.

We thoroughly enjoyed our fare of shrimp cocktail and filet of sole for Karen and French onion soup and chicken parmigiana for me. With our beverages, we indeed went well over the value of that discount card, but we were celebrating …

Tomorrow you’ll see our departure morning walk around the Village of Lake George.

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