Food, crafts and family time are A-OK

When my terrific daughter Elisabeth texted the notion that she and sensational significant George Three wanted my dear wife Karen and I to go To a food truck and craft fest with them, how could we turn that down?

We liked it.

Good choice.

I’d never been to the sports complex in Baldwinsville, but Karen knew exactly where to direct me one week ago today.

End to end choices.

The trucks were lined up in front of the building.

We decided to go inside to check out the crafts, first.

What would you like?

The vendors had set up their tables on the green carpet field used by the indoor pro soccer team the Syracuse Silver Knights, George told me. This I did not know.

Get slushed.

Elisabeth decided that a wine slushie would be rather cool. She picked the mix of lemonade and berry. Karen went with just the lemonade.

George and I sampled a stout beer bolstered with seasonal spice. It did remind us of Halloween, but neither of us liked it enough to ask for a full glass.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The kids ended up purchasing a collar and bow tie for their kittie Miss Ava. I purchased a beautiful wood cutting board and matching-set of four enshrined tile coasters for Karen as early birthday presents.

More trucks.

Then it was back outside to make sure we’d walked past each and every truck before deciding upon our food choices.

We went to three different food trucks.

George and I agreed on lobster roll. We both picked the Connecticut style, with came with warm lobster topped with butter. The other popular choice was the Maine style, which was cold with mayo, lettuce and tomato. I had Cole slaw as my side; George went with the mac and cheese.

Karen went with a BLT because it featured Fried Green Tomato.

Elisabeth chose a Wood-Fired pizza. That was my second choice. I know the owners of the pizza truck have a brick-and-mortar store not far from Liverpool while the Lobster truck does not.

While we ate our lunch at a table, I kept my eyes from the TV up on a stand tuned to the Syracuse-Clemson college football game, knowing I was recording it at home.

Exciting Saturday it was.

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