Deciding about socks

Yes, fashion, it does swing back and forth.

I remember when I was growing up, I used to cringe when my dad pulled out his high work socks, always dark-colored, with his shorts.

Teen-aged me would only wear my white, gym-class-style socks with any or all type of shorts. (Cut-off jeans were in then, by the way. My mother preferred me to wear the Bermuda-style, store-bought, of course, but I’d take the scissors to my grown-too-tall-for jeans myself.)

Nowadays, I notice, younger people are wearing dark, high socks with their shorts.

White socks only with shorts.

Not me.

Although I have cut down to ankle-length instead of higher, I still will only wear white socks with shorts.

I am now the old man who earns the cringe, I suppose.

21 thoughts on “Deciding about socks

  1. I avoid socks unless my feet are really, really cold. I don’t mind your short socks, but then, I’m no young’un! I have this great idea that we all could just wear what we like and be comfortable 🙂

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  2. For years, I only wore white socks with shorts. But now when I come home from work and change into shorts, I’m sometimes too lazy to switch socks. I guess I’m transitioning into the old man who doesn’t care what you think.


  3. I’m not a man, but I do wear white socks with my sneakers – which is most of the time, these days, because of age-related foot pain. Not fashionable, but certainly comfortable. At my age, it’s all about comfort.


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