A dog and her toys

Sometimes I look around A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville and think …

Living room toys.

… Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle is a bit spoiled.

She has her own living room bin filled with doggie toys. She’s allowed to pull them out at her own will.

Deck decoration.

Yes, our cherished rescue mutt is allowed to take her toys out back, too.

The dog’s stuff.

Do we spoil our pooch?

16 thoughts on “A dog and her toys

  1. Yes, she is and I am so glad. She’s a RESCUE. Who knows what her life was like before you took her in? I’d bet she didn’t have any toys at all.


  2. Cody has a toy bin, too! But hers is filled with “non-destructible” toys like Kongs (trust me, nothing is indestructible, it just takes extra time). Cody only gets a soft, fluffy toy if I’m going to be around to watch her destroy it and make sure she doesn’t eat the stuffing.

    PS: I see Ellie B hasn’t learned to put her toys back in the bin. Neither has Cody. There are a bunch of old bones beneath the living room couch. I try to remember to remove those before company arrives, except at Halloween.


    • Once in a while we can coax Ellie B to put a toy back in the bin, CM. Yes, she, too will rip the stuffing out of the fluffies, but as of yet, she will not eat it. Knock on wood! No buried bones under the couch, either. Yikes!

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