Hooray for another walk up the Syracuse University hill

My dear wife Karen and I were more than ready for our first walk up the big hill for another college football season.

Construction, done.

We kept up with our traditions, starting with pulling into the same lot on West Genesee Street at the bottom of University Avenue. Quickly we noted that our friend who collects the fee talked the dentist into keeping the rate at the same reasonable seven bucks and the building across the street was finished and full of young adults.

Full of Orange.

Fellow Syracuse fans were lining the streets and parking lots leading up to the quad and Carrier Dome.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The folks in the Syracuse University athletic department promised more pregame hoo-ha on the quad.

Band plays on.

As long as they keep the Pride of the Orange gathering on the steps of Hendricks Chapel to perform is a centerpiece, go strong, I say.

I had to catch a piece of the band playing Chicago’s classic 25 or 6 to 4 with my iPhone 8. Enjoy.

We walked around the perimeter of the quad to take in some sights before going up to the big, round stadium.

One of these games maybe we’ll buy something outside the dome. Game one, though, we kept our pregame hunger for inside to take advantage of another new special for this season. Up to 15 minutes to game time, you get a voucher good for 50 percent off food and non-beer beverages at the gate. My dear wife and I went in about 50 minutes before kickoff. We got a pair of sausage sandwiches and then I went back for two big pretzels. Yeah, we used both our coupons. After sending that big season-tickets check, it felt good getting a sausage sandwich and pretzel on Syracuse University.

Welcome, Orange.

In head coach Dino Babers’ third season and with a road victory already in hand, well, the reception looked enthusiastic but not so great in numbers for this game against lower-division Wagner.

Let’s Go Orange.

In fact, the attendance came out as 29,395. Ouch. I can’t remember a game under the 30,000 mark.

On the field, our super QB Eric Dungey really had his way. Syracuse easily defeated Wagner by a score of 62-10. I can’t recall the home team going over 60 in the dome, either.

Cool all around.

Tough guy No. 2 remains No. 1 in my heart.

Next Saturday, ACC foe Florida State comes to the dome. Tougher they have been since the Orange has joined the league. We shall see what 2-0 becomes. And how many people come to the Carrier Dome to witness it.

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