I hope this chair lasts longer, Ellie B

When you have a dog …

… maybe the best-looking chair is not the perfect choice.

Sturdier this one is.

And so the cool first piece for A Bitty Better’s living room lasted just less than two years in the living room.

The trip to the big furniture store’s clearance center led to a great discovery of a similar-colored microfiber-covered chair that both my dear wife Karen and I like very much.

The old ottoman can stick around.

The new fabric will stand the test of our cherished rescue mutt.

Upstairs went the old chair, to join other purchases, to be seen tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “I hope this chair lasts longer, Ellie B

  1. Ha! That’s why our couch has been covered since the day we bought it. Kind of defeats the purpose of making sure it fit our décor, but Cody likes it and we don’t have to worry about dog hair and sharp claws. The cover comes off before company arrives, so who’s to know that what they’re sitting on is really the dog’s bed? I’m sure Ellie B will be very pleased with her new comfy chair.


  2. I’m laughing. Furniture definitely could use replacing here in the townhouse, but it is just so familiar and comfortable. Just ask the cats and dogs that have enjoyed it over the years. . Enjoy your new chair, which is really nice by the way. All my best Mark. Thank you.


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