Now we’re really ready for guests

Since we moved into A Bitty Better, my dear wife Karen and I had the look of a welcoming spot in the upstairs room.

Really, though …

It was two spare single box springs stacked upon each other with a spread on top to look OK.

Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle didn’t mind resting on top.

But our recent trip to the big furniture chain’s clearance center yielded a pair of reputable maker’s twin size mattresses, delivered in the same truck as the new microfiber-covered chair.

Separated the box springs are.

The old chair and new mattresses look good together.

Come on over.

The spread was in a closet. A new purchase will come to make it look really nice.

Now if company arrives we really have beds that can be separated or pushed together.

19 thoughts on “Now we’re really ready for guests

  1. Cool. Next time I come to Syracuse, I know who I can call on! I like the twin beds pushed together, rather than one big bed. It allows for flexibility based on your guests’ needs.

    It all takes time. Once we’re done with the interior painting (if it ever does get done), I’d like to turn one of our extra bedrooms into a guest room. We have the space, it’s just the energy and money we lack at the moment.


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