Too big for easy picking?

Usually when something of any value of all is put out to the road here in our Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, it’s picked up by this urban hunter or that.

We’ve had a king-size mattress disappear from in front of the Little Bitty, much to our joy. Yeah, it was a comfortable bed, but ultimately too big for the room, and we were glad to have somebody else enjoy it rather than it go on some rubble heap in a dump.

Treasure or trash?

Treasure or trash?

I’ve noticed a couch and another big piece put out by somebody in the small apartment house across the way for a couple of days in a row.

I wonder if somebody has seen it and is planning a way to bring a truck by.

Or is it will make its way to a true trash day.

It’s a really big couch and matching chair.

No, we don’t need any of it.

Do you think this stuff will be whisked away by darkness of the moon or make its way to trash collection day? What have you seen at roadside that’s opened your eyes the most, best and worst? Do you shop at flea markets, and if so, what do you consider your best purchase and why?

37 thoughts on “Too big for easy picking?

  1. Most of the furniture I got when I moved in to my very own nest was donated by a co-worker with a full garage she wanted emptied. One thing I didn’t get (And didn’t want enough to buy) was a couch. Six months later, a three piece sectional was deposited in the alley behind my parents’ house and I saw it while over there one day. Still have it and all my other free furniture today. I’m cheap and I don’t care who knows it!


  2. It’s the same here Mark. I live in an area with a lot of university students and I have basically furnished my room from the curb – dresser,shelving, desk, office chair,floor light, etc The beauty of that is that it all goes back to the curb when I move – kinda like I leased it for 0 down and 0 payments.Ha! There is some good stuff here as there are some well-to-do students who will buy furniture from Ikea when they arrive and throw it out when done – sometimes after only one term of use, and already assembled – Ha!


  3. i’ve put just about everything out and had people pick them up, also donate to local places who pick things up for charity. yes, i buy my things everywhere – some new, some used.


  4. A couple of years ago, hubby came back from his evening walk with our big dog and excitedly reported that someone on the next block had put out a very nice, complete drum set. No way of knowing if it was an estate, a divorce situation, or a renter being evicted, but hey, it was right there on the berm waiting for trash day! I had a devil of a time convincing him that we really don’t need a complete drum set in our house, nor does he need to be using it with all his neck problems. He hemmed and hawed (he was a drummer in his youth). Finally, he got his car and drove back, intending to pick the set up despite my objections. Thank heavens, someone else got there first.


  5. I like second hand shops and some charity shops have really good stuff. But I’m not a fan of leaving stuff like in the photo. Best second hand furniture that I’ve bought is my desk. Our sofa is second hand two and is from the States – bought here by American friends who moved here and then back to the US. I wouldn’t be without it. The removal me had to be quite creative with getting in our home last year as it’s huge!


  6. Oh I love urban dumpster diving. In our hood the houses have service alleys behind them. Each house has its own mini dumpster. I still enjoy driving down the alley just lookin’. We have found some invaluable stuff before. Wing back chairs;pre bed bug infestation; and some really cute tables.You know one man’s trash..etc.


  7. Oh yes, I’m a big thrift shopper, mostly for clothes but will do furniture too. I’ve taken a few items off the street but not many. If they’re too big or damaged I would just as soon leave it. If this couch has been out there a couple of days already, it’s doubtful anyone will take it.


  8. Here in our little city we can only put stuff like furniture, old appliances out for pick-up twice a year. The city announces when that will happen. During those times the pick-up trucks are seen trolling through the neighborhoods, picking up almost anything. It’s amazing what they will whisk away.


  9. It’s someone’s treasure there. I’m not big on thrifting, but I do it on occasion. My best find was a ceramic carafe identical to one my grandmother left me — now I have a set.


  10. I’d want to talk to the previous owner to ask them why they are discarding it. My sister and brother-in-law bought that they thought was a great couch from a thrift store one time, and only once they got it into their house and their cats started sniffing and marking their territory did they realize why it had been donated in the first place.


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