My Pokemon chasers look good around Onondaga Lake

My fantastic daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three make the monthly Pokemon Go community day a must-go on their calendar.

That makes me happy because my community of Liverpool is a hub for the buggers.

Little League memorial.

For the August event, I agreed to stroll around Onondaga Lake Park behind them as they chased their Pokemon.

Photo opportunities for my trusty iPhone 8, they knew. The trophy dedicated to Little League pioneer Luke LaPorta flashed by us.

Toward the other chasers.

They stayed on the path while working the game on their screens.

Rough cut.

They both mentioned the big log on the right. I couldn’t find its origin.

Destination ahead.

Finally I figured out that we were going for the biggest pocket of people at the tip of the park. George nodded his head. That must be where they were releasing the most monsters.


As they collected, I took more photos to share later this week. Look tomorrow for the city of Syracuse on the horizon.

A new direction.

We had to head back toward the parking lot. The kids had a date with George’s parents.

I had more images in front of me. Photos enough to last through Sunday, in fact.

7 thoughts on “My Pokemon chasers look good around Onondaga Lake

  1. I went out looking for these critters. Would you believe it—they are all hiding in my local brew pub! What a coincidence! I didn’t catch them all yesterday so I’ll be going back tomorrow and the next day and maybe the next. There are a lot them.


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