Why didn’t I think of the bottom result?

Look good, feel good.

My dear wife Karen couldn’t sit still when it came to improving our cushion situation in the backyard of A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

As usual, I just sat down on the ones left behind by the previous owner, not thinking about looks or feel.

But now I appreciate the upgrade of style and comfort.

8 thoughts on “Why didn’t I think of the bottom result?

  1. Nice looking! We have the same cushions for our porch furniture that we got when we bought them–when we moved in to our house over 10 years ago! We should think upgrade too.


  2. I understand totally. A few months after starting my new job last year, I developed leg and hip pain to the point where I could hardly walk. At night, I could not find a comfortable sleeping position because of the pain. I just figured it was old age creeping up (again). But then it occurred to me that the office chair wasn’t particularly comfortable, so I went out and bought a nice comfy cushion. Problem solved! While I’m still not up to running a marathon, at least now I can get back to strolling around to take those wonderful (sort of) photos – at least until winter arrives.


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