Our Regional Market remains globally relevant

It took my dear wife Karen and I at least half a summer this year, but we finally took our trip to visit the Regional Market.

Welcoming feeling.

As we crossed the road from the outer, easier parking lot, I was struck by the symmetry of the closest shed.

Yes, we found other things than the flowers and fruit we’d earmarked for our interest.

Worldly view.

I was struck by a certain lamp. Not enough to buy it, but it did make me think of how I liked to spin and imagine faraway places with the globe in my room while I was growing up.

I did buy my dear wife Karen a great slogan T-shirt from the Salt City T table. I refrained from taking a photo until she models it at home on the day of her choice, however.

Tomorrow I shall show you my favorite flower arrangements. You know how I did the flowers.

11 thoughts on “Our Regional Market remains globally relevant

  1. Gosh, I love markets. We have a farmer’s market here that is just filled with wonderful fruits, vegetables, soaps, honeys and other delicacies. I couldn’t live without it. Will look forward to the flowers. Love that lamp with the spinning wheels.


  2. I’d have to look at the globe to see if it was the same one we grew up with, or the one with the modern country names. I used to love to spin the old globe and imagine myself visiting all those other places.


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