Game Night will keep you guessing about the rules and reality


Are they or aren’t they?

Well, for sure Max and Annie are total freaks for competition.

For that, their friends who gather in their lovely living room for their weekly Game Night fun and games love them.

Then comes the fateful night and a tipping point.

Directors John Francis Daley and Jonathon Goldstein take the screenplay by Mark Perez to some pretty far-out places to study just how far this husband-and wife will go. And as a result, Game Night is a study in will-they, won’t-they behavior as Max grapples with a lifelong inferiority complex to his older brother and Annie strives to both stay one-up on her husband and help him discover that he’s just as good as his sibling.

Interesting, yes.

Remember, it’s a comedy, so Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams and Kyle Chandler have plenty of roap to roam in their dynamic as a murder mystery night really, really goes off the rails.

Is it or isn’t it? (From

Little by little, the players discover that what they thought was total game is rooted in real life.

But, how much can things go wrong? And right?

The supporting players are really good, too.

Sit back, sit back up, and enjoy the suspense and laughs and holy-moleys. No more spoilers here.

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