Now that’s a punch

I will admit that I drink plenty of morning coffee.

One at home in my cup the size of my head.

One from Nichols to bring into work.

One from Dunkin’ Donuts at break.

Strong stuff.

And yet still I make a face at the thought of a brew strong enough to earn the name Joe Nitro.

No thank you.

8 thoughts on “Now that’s a punch

  1. Haha! Me, neither. I have a travel cup 20-50% caf in the mornin, then one real cup around 10 from the Keurig at work, and then I decaf the rest of the day. Ten years ago, I’da been all about Joe Nitro, but at my own expense!


  2. Hahaha–this made my day as I drink my 1st cup, Mark! Just for fun, where does one get a cup of Joe Nitro? If you want to keep it under wraps, just give a clue. Here’s to that first cup!


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