Cheering the Chiefs with the kids

When Elisabeth asks if I want to go see the Syracuse Chiefs, it’s easy to decide.

No plans. Yes, my terrific daughter, I will join you and George Three the night before Father’s Day at the old ballyard.

Good taste.

I noticed in the parking lot that George had cool decorations for his new desk at work loaded into his car trunk. His bobbleheads for Syracuse Chiefs legendary manager Bobby Cox and organization pitcher Stephen Strasbourg are ready for display.

Line up here.

The crowd arrived early. The team was giving out Saranac beer glasses. You betcha!

We’re ready.

We got there before George’s parents, so they couldn’t get into this selfie. Darn.

Home team side.

George had stopped off after work Friday night and secured us great seats behind the Chiefs dugout.

The game was awesome.

The Chiefs fought back from behind to tie it up 7-7, but lost 9-7 in 11 innings.

Still we left happy.

11 thoughts on “Cheering the Chiefs with the kids

  1. love the bobbleheads, what better way to welcome a new desk. such a nice way to spend an evening with those you care about. (the team and your family, both )


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