My first Chiefs game of the year was a hit

Syracuse Chiefs baseball with KP and Bake sure was a nice way to break in a new season.

My idea for the three of us to park our cars near the road by the Carousel entrance to Destiny USA turned out to be a good one. Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex is just across one big street from our Triple A baseball NBT Bank Stadium. Bake volunteered to drive us all in his car. I gladly handed him over the five-buck parking fee.

Prime seats.

KP played a great part by ordering our seats online that morning.

Behind home plate.


Three amigos.

Happy friends we were. There may have been some talk about back in the day, when we all were fresh-faced at the big daily …

The New York Yankees’ Triple-A squad hung a 14-2 defeat on the home team.

Syracuse scored its pair in the bottom of the ninth. I cheered.

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