Now this was a walk during a work break

They gathered us at Beaver Lake Nature Center for this year’s staff development day for the library.

Between the quite wonderful speakers and learning exercises, we were given some time to explore the glorious space in Baldwinsville, N.Y.

It was a bit muddy.

A knot of us took the Bog Trail. Laura said she knew it well.

Take the boardwalk.

We were thankful for the planked areas. This spring has been so wet.

Yes, snow.

It snowed during our half-hour out in nature. There were others enjoying the center. Somebody volunteered to take our phones to snap the whole group.

Big view.

I will admit that I was the one who asked which lake was at the apex of our hike. At Beaver Lake Nature Center. D’oh.

Tomorrow: Bird watching

12 thoughts on “Now this was a walk during a work break

  1. You were in nature mode and not journalist mode, obviously 🙂
    Looks like a nice way to spend a break. I’m a big fan of being outdoors at work breaks. I like to see the sky and breathe the fresh air, even if it’s cold or rainy. I’d love to trek a bit!


    • During the business segment of the summit, I did take photos and videos of the guest speakers and my colleagues for the library’s use as well as take part in the staff exercises, so I was in communications mode, sure, Joey!

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