Chicken or the egg?

I wondered what came first as I encountered this fallen giant on our work break walk along the trail at Beaver Lake Nature Center. Did the tree fall because the trunk had been hollowed out by nature? Or did nature hollow out the trunk after the tree had fallen?

If a tree falls in the woods

I wondered, during out work break walk at Beaver Lake Nature Center, how these trees managed to fall in such a way that they stayed up in this pattern. Magnificent, nature is.

A good day for bird watching

My two stops at the bird watching station on our Staff Summit Day at Beaver Lake Nature Center paid off well. Before reporting to the morning session, I spied a gorgeous red cardinal. Come the afternoon break, I came upon two cavorting yellow beauties. Oh how fortunate I felt. Can you help me figure out…

Lovely little lake it is

Our usual work break walks are at a huge park with well-paved paths. At our annual Staff Summit at Beaver Lake Nature Center, the paths were dirt and the lake was tiny. Serene. Peaceful. And there was enough time for some reflection.

Which way do we go?

When you do decide to take a walk outside at the Beaver Lake Nature Center, you’re left with a choice. My colleague/friends and I were walking after we had finished lunch. Our time crunch did not allow us to take the lake loop. We did not leave any Cheetoh’s to help us find our way…

A cool place to grab a read

I noticed an appropriate display outside the big building at Beaver Lake Nature Center before entering for our library Staff Summit Day. The Onondaga County Parks’ Take a Book Leave a Book display sat invitingly, chairs awaiting relaxation. My Liverpool Public Library workplace was involved at the start, contributing donated books to the county cause.…

Go ahead, get involved with nature

When the library again set up our annual Staff Summit at Beaver Lake Nature Center in nearby Baldwinsville, N.Y., this spring, I made sure to arrive early and ready to capture the setting’s beauty with my iPad Pro. As soon as I got out of my car I was struck by an interactive display. I…