Easy choices for birthday gifts for Elisabeth and George

I worked my brain hard to figure out what to get my daughter and her sensational significant George Three for their birthdays this year.

His is midway through March; hers is part way through April.

We’d meet in the middle and take a trip with my dear wife Karen to try out the new Chick Fil A for a fun dinner, we all agreed.

But what exactly did I want to do for presents for these hanging-onto-their 20s kids?

My solution was a trip to Destiny USA together. They each get to pick the store and gift.

I would let them go big or small. No figures would be discussed.

They apparently had no problem picking.

Yes, just one little wound horsehide.

George led us into Dick’s Sporting Goods. He picked out a baseball. One, lonely, round, white, baseball. I had to talk him out of the $2.99 rack and into a more sturdy Rawlings version.

He was happy, thinking of catches to come.

I won’t try to explain what’s in the bag.

Elisabeth took us to Sephora, a big makeup store.

She chose some sort of makeup that will go on her face. I think. I went to the register with her and was more than happy to take care of the $25 price tag. They also have some sort of birthday set-up, and when my daughter said this was her time of year, they had allowed her to pick another gift, too. Then they told her she had 421 points. This store is mighty foreign to me. George and I commented on the smell of it when we left.

We went to the I Love NY set-up in the Canyon after I showed George the Poke restaurant. I told Elisabeth it would make me feel better if they picked out another gift. She swooped down on the peanut-butter-and-chocolate-covered potato chips. I forgot to take a photo.

When Karen got home after her symposium, we went out for that fast food delight.

More on that tomorrow.

12 thoughts on “Easy choices for birthday gifts for Elisabeth and George

  1. sounds like you all had a great birthday shopping day. and you are all so clearly thoughtful of each other, that you have done something right. happy birthday to both!


  2. You know you’ve raised your kid right when you take her shopping and tell her she can buy anything she wants – and she sticks with a gift of $25 or less. And she finds a significant other who’s just as thoughtful. Good job, Mark.


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