You can’t help but feel bullish for Ferdinand


It’s a good thing when a family movie gets it exactly right.

Get the bigs and littles together for a feel-good viewing of Ferdinand, why don’t you?

The bull who first made a name for himself in the picture-book world of Munro Leaf turned into an Oscar-winning short by Walt Disney some 80 years ago is back, with some big-time effects.

The sweet-natured guy could not be needed more in hard times of bullying and worse.

We find Ferdinand as a young bull mourning the loss of his dad. He escape his farm, to be found by delighted – and delightful Nina and her grateful, graceful family.

The love affair blooms as Ferdinand grows up to be a bull of a different stripe, a fan of flowers and the fine things in nature.

But trouble looms …

Why not stop and smell the roses? (From

The cast of characters, animal and human, is wonderfully depicted in bright colors by the team at Blue Sky. The voice actors take much delight from the direction of Carlos Saldana and screenplay of Robert L. Baird, Tim Federer and Brad Copeland.

You’ll hear John Cena as the title bull and Kate McKinnon, and other voices such as Bobby Cannnavale and Anthony Anderson should dance in your head, too.

Ferdinand sticks to his principles in a tough world.

That’s a great lesson, no matter your age.

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