The dusting

What is one way that winter in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville can wear you down?

It adds up.

When it seems that you can’t remember how many days in a row you had to brush off the cars.

Don’t slip.

And run the shovel along the front walk.

I think of it as another darn dusting.

But it sure beats the stuff measured in feet.

13 thoughts on “The dusting

  1. we had a surprise dusting last night, and like you, i tried to tell myself that it could have been worse with an accumulation that i would have had to shovel. it is supposed to be 62 degrees here on tuesday. heading towards spring kicking and screaming.


  2. I’m with you, Mark. These days, I get excited if I look out the side door and don’t see any snow on top of my car. I am so tired of having to brush it off every day. But spring is just around the corner, and there will be no ice scrapers, no snow brushes – and no snow boots! I can hardly wait.


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