Getting it right for that first apartment

My dear wife Karen came away from our visit to the kids’ first apartment together with the perfect idea for a gift.

We’d used artisan Kym to create a nice wall hanging for A Bitty Better, and my wonderful daughter Elisabeth and her sensational significant George Three had expressed their admiration for the result.

And Kym’s pallet studio happens to be right around the corner from the kids’ apartment.

So Karen took pen in hand and put her idea on paper, snapped a photo of her design, and texted it to the artisan. She also looked on Kym’s website to pick out her favorite type style, so to speak.

Kym said she could get it done before Christmas. Karen got a text on Christmas Eve saying it was ready.

For the wall.

She texted Elisabeth and said a present awaited them around the block.

Giving is awesome.

Yup. They love it.

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