Happy New Year’s Eve from the lovely village

Before you get out into the hustle and bustle of welcoming in 2018, here’s one last pretty scene from the street in front of my workplace library in the Village of Liverpool.

Oh, happy place.

Here’s hoping that the comforts that I’ve felt inside the walls of the Liverpool Public Library in 2017 extends to your place in our world this New Year’s Eve, and the year beyond.

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year’s Eve from the lovely village

  1. Right back atcha, bro Mark. Temps here are low and still sinking — minus 12 by morning unless something happens to change the forecast. It’s 4 whole degrees out there now but I’m staying in and wrapped in fleece blankets as I eat my home made ice cream with a bit of home made Amaretto poured over the top to help warm it up. Delicious stuff! It’s time to start my regular NYEve movie — When Harry Met Sally. Love that movie! Stay safe.


      • It got cold enough for me to wear a coat while I ate the ice cream, lol. Actually the temp hovered around 2 – 4 f, but the wind was not blowing so it was almost manageable for the ones who went out. I stayed inside where it was warmer, cluck cluck! Nothing beats eating ice cream while drinking hot chocolate! Hope you had a good day and a new year filled with happiness.


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