A taste of the Beatles takes over the country spot

Beatles on the road.

I unfortunately noticed on my last trip to Syracuse I noticed that Cowboys Saloon gave up the ghost.

Too bad. My dear wife Karen and I enjoyed our meal and happy hour beverages in the spot that replaced Toby Keith’s bar and restaurant.

Syracuse’s mega shopping, dining and entertainment complex moved quickly enough to put a temporary client in the Canyon wing location this time around.

Beatles fans, unite.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

The exhibit moves from town to town. Central New Yorkers have it through January.

I’ll return after the holidays for the ticket-buyers experience.

7 thoughts on “A taste of the Beatles takes over the country spot

  1. It’s eerie when a place is open one hour and gone the next, huh bro Mark? That happens too frequently around this town and I always hate having favorite places because i never know how long they will be open.
    Wow! The Beetles back in town! Fantastic! I would almost move to Syracuse for that, key word being “almost”. At the moment I’m not sure I could be persuaded to move across the hall — where my neighbor Rod, AKA Santa Clause, recently moved from.
    Happy New Year, little brother.


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