It’s yours for now, birdie

My dear wife Karen pointed to a burly knot up in the corner of our covered side porch.

Home, sweet home.

Yes, I saw the bird flying out of it toward me a bit later on. Yes, we’ve seen tiny birdies peeking out at us, too.

I do not have the heart to pull it down.

I’ll wait until the family has done its thing.

If you nave bird’s nest experience with covered porches, what did you do?

8 thoughts on “It’s yours for now, birdie

  1. We have Swallows that try to build on our porch every year. I try to discourage them by putting up little fake Owls and some screening to keep them out of the corners. They just cuddle up to the fake Owls at night and try to build along the sides during the day. They never finish though, they must build somewhere else at the same time and then pick a favorite nest for the eggs. They are beautiful birds, but they sure do make a mess. That poop of theirs does not clean up easiily.


  2. Leave it. They’ll be gone soon enough. We once had sparrows build a nest in the corner of the awning over our kitchen window. I even helped – when I saw them first trying to build a nest, I taped up a small shelf made from a plastic strawberry container. I figured it would be a great way for my young children to watch mommy bird raise her babies. And it was – until the daddy sparrow got into a fight nearly to death with another male over the mommy bird, and then later when the babies were hatched, mommy bird would push their little butts up over the edge of the nest so that their poop would fall outside the next – right in view of the window.


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