We found the Olde Oak

Pretty tree.

We found the Olde Oak.

OK, the golf course with the extra ‘e’ is far out there in the Onondaga County countryside of Kirkville, but KP and I have sniffed it out since the days the layout was called Towne Isle.

So should say that this time out, we found the old oak.

It was behind the eighth putting green, and it sure was large.

Missed it.

KP has a good eye. He called it the tree for which this course was renamed as we headed toward the putting surface.

And so I pulled out my iPhone 6 for posterity’s sake.

Are you talking to me?

Am I talking to you?

KP also said he wanted some face time in this post, for both of us.


We’re hoping to keep up the golfing pace and hit different courses to show you.

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