Soon to be swimming?

It will come around.

My dear wife Karen is carrying on with her late springtime mission at A Bitty Better in the Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville.

The cover is off our in-ground pool as our first summer since moving from the Syracuse neighborhood of Eastwood approaches.

She located the man who closed the pool right before we moved in this past October. He pulled the cover off and showed her all of the mechanics in the shed.

Karen was the one who picked out a house with a pool, I remind you. My California Girl readily took on all pool duties from the start of this journey into our fabulous new location.

The pool was quite dirty from its winter of hibernation. She knows how to bring it back.

I will take a dip when it gets warm enough.

Are you a backyard pool person, and why or why not?

20 thoughts on “Soon to be swimming?

  1. Anni and I got married February 14, 1989 and very shortly there after we moved a few blocks to a house that had an inground swimming pool. We loved the pool and used it a lot. We also loved that it had tall concrete walls all the way around it, giving us complete privacy for any neighbors’ view. We were quite shocked to find that it cost almost $600 a month back then to keep the water clean and the filtration system running.

    When we moved to San Diego for a year we rented a townhouse that included a neighborhood pool for our little development. We use the pool, but not nearly as much.

    About a decade later having moved from San Diego through a large house near Syracuse University and then leaving that area for a nice keeper house in De Witt, and having produced a darling beautiful young daughter, we purchased an above the ground pool which we use for several years. Then she reached an age to feel that our little above the ground pool was degrading, since several of her friends have beautiful built in pools. So we disassembled it and carted it away.

    We would love to have our friends had Canon Pools make us a nice inground one for a beautiful little De Witt home, and will probably do that when we no longer have to pay New York City rent for our now 21 year old almost independent beautiful Ellie.


  2. wow, that’s beautiful, mark. that’s great that karen wants to embrace the care of it, and you both can enjoy it for hours on end. if i had one, i’d be out there daily, not a good swimmer, but i like to play in the water, float, and hang out around it. )


  3. Mark you will LOVE having a pool. I grew up with one and we still have one for our family. We are in it all the time. I, like Karen maintain it (very easy) daily and of course take a swim while I am at it. It is screened in and full of outdoor furniture. It has always been a second living area for entertainment, food and fun. I hope you enjoy yours as much as we do ours! Gatorette.


  4. I’d love one. We last had a real pool when we rented a house in Encino CA in 1990. We loved it, and used it. The closest we’ve come is the spa (think Jacuzzi) we got from Canon Pools for our 19th wedding Anniversary present 9 years ago.


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