Galeville boasts resourceful squirrels

That’s a lot of food.

Out one recent morning with my iPad Pro in my hand, a commotion in the neighbor’s yard to the right caught my eyes and ears.

A squirrel was hoisting a piece of white bread or somesuch as big as it was up a tree.

Liverpool neighborhood of Galeville squirrels are extremely strong, I see. Much impressed, I am.

On our side of the fence …

Then the bushy-tail saw me aiming my iPad, raced down the tree, left the bread, and perched on our grill!

Nah. That’s the ornament we brought with us from A Little Bitty in the Syracuse city neighborhood of Eastwood, where the squirrels used to stalk out back porch each and every day, driving first cherished rescue mutt Lissa, may she Rest In Peace, and then Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle batty.

What feats of strength have you witnessed in the animal kingdom?

12 thoughts on “Galeville boasts resourceful squirrels

  1. One day I watched a squirrel carrying his/her prize across my back lawn. He/She seemed to be really struggling, which was evidenced by said squirrel putting the chunky nut down and picking it up several times. Then along came another squirrel. In the moment that followed they stood head to head just staring at each other. Now I was really interested. So I cracked my window.

    Believe It Or Not [a popular TV show some years ago], this is what happened next. The first squirrel started singing at the top of his little lungs: “Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t!” No way right?!


  2. Several years ago sitting on the beach, eating a square peanut butter cracker. I took a bite and was holding the remaining cracker and that quickly a seagull came and with precision whoosh it right out of my fingers without touching me, I only felt a puff of air and voila cracker gone! Yep! They are quick! Gatorette


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