Excitement builds for the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod

We paid our rent for the Cap Cod vacation recently.

And our gracious landlord Julie sent over a photo of an update she made to the Happy Cottage.

We’ll eat out there.

She expanded the front porch with her own two hands and plenty of sweat.

We missed last year because I’d just started at the library.

Our week in June will be especially sweet this year. The anticipation is … a lot of things, wonderful being one of them.

What are your plans for this summer? Do you return to one vacation place every year, and if so, where and why? What is your dream vacation, and why?

12 thoughts on “Excitement builds for the Happy Cottage in Cape Cod

  1. The cottage looks great, Mark. How lovely that you have somewhere so nice to go for summer. I’ll be in Dundas, Ontario for about 6 weeks, maybe going up to Montreal or Quebec for a week if all is well. Have a great summer!


  2. My mother and I have been making an annual trek to my home town in Michigan every September years but she’ll be turning 92 that month and is getting pretty frail so it’s a big question mark whether we will get up there this time. My big travel dream (way beyond current budget) is to take cooking classes in France and Italy — would love to be able to do one a year.


  3. That’s so happy 🙂 I’m glad you get to go. The Mister switched jobs last spring so we didn’t get a vacation last summer, either. Undecided where we’re goin yet, but we’ll get there.


  4. that is so cute and welcoming, just keeps getting better, doesn’t it, mark? glad you guys will be able to make it this year, and i plan to go up north this summer, off and on. (michigan). nowhere too far from home, but a world away )


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