Great suggestion for Mother’s Day from my smart daughter. Food trucks and craft beer

The text came in midweek, and I thought it was a good idea for a Mother’s Day Sunday in the greater Syracuse area.

And my dear wife Karen agreed. The Food Truck Festival at noon with Elisabeth and her significant George Three at the State Fairgrounds in Geddes it will be, she said, being the mother of our household.

Round ’em up at the state fairgrounds.

So of course the sky was gray on that very important holiday, the clouds finally opening as I drove the few miles to the fairgrounds through a downpour.

It got better when we got inside the gates.

The beer ticket woman had to carefully walk me through the this-many-for-that much routine, knocking me off my thought that regular beers were one price and craft beers were another.

Nope, just one price and only craft beers. Two tickets, I told her. One each for me and my wife. Elisabeth had purchased their tickets online, a deal with three beer tickets attached. George was a great sport. He handed me a ticket later so we each could have two beers without me having to go to the ticket booth again.

Rain stopped, beer pours.

Besides, they didn’t have the stout that he prefers at any of the beer stands.

My first choice was an Ommegang Wiit. I knew I’d like it from our sampling day at the Cooperstown brewery in February, another suggestion from Elisabeth and George. I followed that up with a new taste, Southern Tier’s Lemon Drop. I found it light and fresh.

Karen’s choice.

Karen went with a fruity IPA.

George and I agreed, no IPA’s for us. Over-hopped for our tastes.

Happy strollers.

Elisabeth is not a beer person, something I’ve come to grips with, yes. They didn’t have any fruity cocktails here, unfortunately.

This we agree upon.

The Food Truck she visited and loved last year didn’t show up, either, even though it was on the program list. And Elisabeth was really, really looking forward to its Mexican menu. Onto some Mac N Cheese instead. She liked it.

Loaded potato on his pizza.

George went for a wood fired pizza, a special variety piled high with the innards of a loaded spud. He liked that, too.

Karen and I ate slices of pepperoni pizza from a different pizza truck. I thought mine was really delicious. So good, I neglected to pull my phone camera from my pocket.

It rained at times, and the sun kind of came out at times. The company was awesome. The kids had awesome presents for Karen when got back to the cars in wet parking lot. You know I’ll post about them another time.

What did you do for Mother’s Day? What did you eat?

6 thoughts on “Great suggestion for Mother’s Day from my smart daughter. Food trucks and craft beer

  1. still sounds like a great day and i’m glad you didn’t let a little rain dampen your spirits . as for me, we spent most of saturday in downtown detroit and sunday gardening back home in ann arbor. it was a nice weekend –


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