Looking forward to our first Chiefs game

I drove to NBT Bank Stadium to run an errand last week.

It was cold, windy and kind and kind of dank.

I need a baseball game.

The fact is, this spring has not been full of weather making my chomp at the bit to get out there to a Syracuse Chiefs baseball game.

And yet the sight of our Triple A baseball stadium held its usual allure.

My dear wife Karen agrees.

We want to go. My wonderful daughter and terrific significant George Three had been saying the same thing.

Chiefs game, please.

Have you gone to a baseball game yet this season? What outdoor spring events might you have attended already, and how cold were you?

4 thoughts on “Looking forward to our first Chiefs game

    • You’re coming close to us here in Syracuse, Oliver. CFL is an odd version of football to us Americans, though, with a longer field and only three downs to move the ball to cover it that distance!


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