You can’t help but root for J-La and C-Pratt as the lonely Passengers


Imagine buying a spot on a really cool spaceship that’s scheduled to land on another world 90 years down the road.

Your fee earns you 90 or so years in a hibernation chamber. A few months before landing, you and your co-passengers will awaken to an indoctrination session led by androids that will provide lessons about your pretty new home and comfort in the big ship, too.

But something goes wrong early on in the bed of one guy, Jim Preston, and he’s startled to find that he’s the only human stirred out of slumber. The ‘droid bartender’s pretty good company by night, and he tries to figure a way out of this dilemma of 90-years-or-’til-you-die alone by day until he starts to crack under the pressure.

Of course, he’s been reading the manifest about the others along for the ride, and female writer Aurora Lane’s resume has caught his interest. Not to mention the way she looks sleeping under her plexiglass.

He struggles with his dilemma …

Since the movie stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as Jim and Aurora, there’s no spoiler in reporting that yeah, he figures out how to make her his company.

The rest of the tale directed by Morten Tyldumn from the screenplay by Jon Spaihts is part romance, part morality play.

Can he keep his secret as they fall in love, as the only two people in this world – and darn good-looking ones at that – are likely to do?

Is there a choice? (From

How will she react if she finds out the truth?

Can they fix the ship after more things go haywire and a crewman played by Laurence Fishburne wakes up and doesn’t last nearly 90 years?

The premise is pretty darn exciting. And as my dear wife Karen and I watched the DVD on our flat screen, we couldn’t help but want the kids to come out OK on this rollercoaster of an isolated life.

Would she? Can he? Will they?

Ah, what the heck. It’s only a space movie with a couple of people in it. Why not go all in and believe.

Could you go for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence as a beautiful couple in outer space? Do you tire of space travel tales?

10 thoughts on “You can’t help but root for J-La and C-Pratt as the lonely Passengers

  1. OMG Mark did you really watch this. I disliked it from get go, to the point that i walked out part way to top up on popcorn and choc tops. The Arnie version was at least a bit more credible, considering when that was made and released. As for JL and Chris Pratt sheesh. hope they enjoyed their paychecks for dud acting.


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