Trained on getting to work

I was thinking about what I was going to accomplish first thing at work.

Then I saw cars stopped up ahead.

There she goes.

A train was making its way across the main road I take to the library.

It looooooked looooooong.

Nope. Not this time. A second to snap one photo with my iPhone 6s, and the train and the moment were gone.

I chugged the rest of my way to work.

Do you have a train crossing on your regular driving route? If so, how long have you had to wait for it to pass?

11 thoughts on “Trained on getting to work

  1. man they are everywhere here in Melbourne and they block the traffic. I loved watching those really long freight trains when i was in America. But i guess if i had to do it on a daily basis it would become annoying.


  2. No train crossings on my way to work. But the house I grew up in was on a street between two sets of tracks. Some of those trains were really long, and took forever to pass. Sometimes they even stopped, blocking the crossing. But eventually, the State (or County, I don’t recall which) built a portion of the expressway at the other end of our street, with an on/off ramp and a bridge that went over the tracks, so everyone just started going that way instead.


  3. No train crossings on my way, only a bridge. Btw, I am practicing my public speaking, I have posted a greeting to all my friends around the world, of which you are one, so if you want to say hi and hear my accent, it’s posted today! 😀


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