Happy Easter to all you good eggs

The Liverpool Public Library will be closed today, keeping its doors shut for a Sunday.

Easter, you know.

The folks down the street have been prepping me for the big day for more than a week.

Hard-boiled approach.

Yes, every time I’ve stepped into Nichols for a cup of coffee, I’ve been greeted by a cute little holiday garden set up by the folks at Ballantyne Gardens.

It takes a village.

They sure know how to keep things fun in the Village of Liverpool.

Hover over a gallery photo for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Yes, this goes over easy for me, every trip.

What are your plans for today?

15 thoughts on “Happy Easter to all you good eggs

  1. I love your village, bro Mark. It is so nice to have something like this. One of the things we used to have here before someone decided to elect a mayor with pretensions of greatness. I love it! Happy Easter, Mark. Enjoy the day — hopefully with family around. I miss that also. The only kid living nearby was in a horrible accident 9days ago, is recovering but unable to get out just yet. Do me a favor??? Tell your readers to be careful when riding, driving or in the vicinity of ATV’s? Protective gear if riding or driving, and awareness of where they are. Mike was on the farm so no traffic, but doesn’t believe in protective gear, so when he flipped the thing on top of himself he was one lucky puppy.
    Take care of yourself little brother.


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