Come Hell or High Water, oh, brother, can you spare a crime?


The true grit of Texas felt so real I was spitting dust at the flat screen as the 108 minute drama written by Taylor Sheridan and directed by David Mackenzie rolled on the Blu-Ray.

Times are tough for hard-knuckle Howard brothers Toby and Tanner. Mom died when Tanner was serving time, and Toby in the meantime has crafted a plan to regain the family ranch from the shyster bank who’d talked her into signing that reverse mortgage and too much debt and clicking clock.

Chris Pine and Ben Foster provide quite believable sibling chemistry as the brains and the brawn as they act out the scheme. Toby doesn’t quite thrill to the visceral act of robbing banks but needs the cash for the end game. Tanner’s overjoyed by those moments talking the tellers out of the green – and the escalating actions that ensue – but doesn’t want to hear his brother’s flashes of restraint.

On the other side of the game comes the law, and another team played so well.

Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham are a pair of Texas Rangers sent on the trail of the bank heists.

Marcus Hamilton is on the edge of retirement, and Bridges plays him as a cagey guy old of some spirit,gumption plenty, brimming with smarts and sass, and owner of a Texas marble drawl thick and rich. Edgy and brilliant. Alberto Parker is a sidekick played by Birmingham as suffering at the side of this loose cannon, yes, but sharp also and equally possessed to nab the prey. They work as well together as the brothers.

It’s the law. (From

Trouble will come their way.

Justice is fickle.

Can you live with your actions?

The hard fields of Texas raise many moral questions.

9 thoughts on “Come Hell or High Water, oh, brother, can you spare a crime?

  1. I thought Hell or High Water was an outstanding movie, the best I’ve seen for a while. Razor sharp dialogue, amazing backdrop and score. There were no easy answers here and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


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