First lunch down by the lake is pretty darn early

Yum and Yes!

Mark it down.

I picked my lunch bag up from under my desk yesterday and walked the two blocks down from my job at Liverpool Public Library.

And it was good on the sunny noontime of Monday, April 10, 2017.

Enjoying the scene.

Many folks were enjoying the spring day, with the sun shining and temperature well into the 70s (F).

Hover over a photograph for a description. Click on an image for an enlarged slide show.

Even with my two-block circle of a walk tagged to the end, I punched back in at the half-hour-gone mark.

I don’t know when it’ll be nice enough to do this again. I’ll be waiting.

Can you often eat lunch outside, and if so, where do you go?

17 thoughts on “First lunch down by the lake is pretty darn early

  1. i’m so glad you were able to do this so early in the year, as you know, those of us who live in chilly and snowy climes have to make the most of each of these days )


  2. I think eating outside is barbaric. It’s funny, because I have no logical reason to hate it, but I do. It drives people nuts that I don’t like to dine at on a restaurant’s patio. Lol. Whatever. I guess being near a lake makes it a bit more enjoyable though.


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