OK, I’ll talk about music in the middle of all the authors

Stuff from my past.

The program was titled Music and Literature Fest. I saw no musicians signed up, but plenty of authors. What the heck.

I will be available to talk about the days I wrote about musicians and reviewed concerts for the big daily, from noon to 2 p.m. today in the Liverpool Public Library’s Carman Community Room. I volunteered to take part, hoping to extend the reach of the library’s already considerable commitment to community music.

You might have seen here that I take photos and video at our concerts for the library’s social media. Soon I’ll be writing more about musicians and releases on the library’s renovated website blog. And I want community musicians to drop off their music for inclusion in the LPL music collection.

All of that I’ll be available to talk about with patrons, musicians or not, today at the LPL’s session Local Author Meet and Greet. My boss decided to change the title. No, I’m not I musician even though I write about them on the blog …

And here are the authors who are scheduled to attend today:

Alexandra Corliss, who’s written “Once in a Blue Moon” and “Red Wing Twister Warriors: Battle of Galaxy Maxima;” Shea Brode, “It’s the Disney Version: Popular Cinema and Literary Classics;” Milt Franson, “The Wineland Sagas: The Lost Viking Colonies of North America;” Chris Partosa and Elizabeth Williams, “Jim’s Flight: One Soul’s Perspective from Heaven;” Geri Goss and Liz Exner, “Jeans to Things;” Eileen K. Parsons , “The First Rose of Summer;” Gayle Callen and Emma Cane, “The Wrong Bride,” “The Groom Wore Plaid,” “At Fairfield Orchard,” and “A Spiced Apple Winter;” Maggie Shayne, “Oklahoma Christmas Blue,” Oklahoma Moonshine” and “Oklahoma Starshine;” Patricia Antone, “Catching a Cowboy’s Eye;” T.E. Bradford, “Surviving Cancer – A Story of Hope;” and Nancy Henderson, “Second Beginnings” and “Litter Boxes and Hairballs: My Life with Cats.”

They’ll also be able to talk about the publishing process, which always seems like a huge mountain to those who need to climb it.

6 thoughts on “OK, I’ll talk about music in the middle of all the authors

  1. what a great event and so happy you can add your musical experience to all of it, it’s clear that music is, and always has been, a huge part of your life in many ways –


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