Heading to the home stretch on the bowling lanes

We’re coming down to the final few weeks in the Thursday Night Men’s League at Bowling Green.

And when we reported for action a week ago, our Limp Lizard squad stood in fourth place out of the 12 squads.

We’re No. 4

I could hardly believe it.

Then we went out and lost our first two games to Keller Williams.


Not to hang our heads, we went out and bowled better in the final game.

Solid final bowler Tom.

Anchor guy Tom helped us pull through without a catastrophic whitewash. In fact, we beat Keller Williams by enough pins to take total wood, too, to go away with three out of seven points. We’ll see where we stand when I look at the sheet before we roll tonight. It’s mighty bunched up behind the first-place squad, right down to 10th place.

There are three weeks left in standings play. That’s 21 points up for grabs.

Decidedly average.

That’s what we’re working with for the final stretch. I’m down a pin from last season’s final average. Dagnabbit.

Do you think we can hold on for a good finish, or will we return to the second division as usual?

10 thoughts on “Heading to the home stretch on the bowling lanes

  1. If that is your crew at the table with the snacks, you all look like bad-a$$ bowlers. Beware to the other teams as you’ll get yours. I can tell. How did you get your (alliterative) team name?


    • You are a pal with observational powers, Liz. My teammates load up with snacks each week. Me, not so much. And Limp Lizard is a barbecue joint that agreed to sponsor us this season! A great barbecue joint, I might add, where I do more than graze. 🙂


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