I’m set for a warm head, thanks to my crafty daughter


My wonderful daughter Elisabeth texted while I sat in The Cobblestone Saturday, sharing a lunch and good conversation with buddies KP, Tater and Nolan. She had something to give me, she said, and she and terrific significant George Three were chasing Pokemon over in Onondaga Lake Park.

When our foursome was done with the pizza, wings and we-wanna-play-golf-already chit-chat, I texted Elisabeth. She said she saw my car on the way in, so she and George drove over the couple blocks in a jiffy.

And they gave me the spiffy blue winter hat she made for me.

I had been complaining to my dear wife Karen that my Jets hat was too tight. (Maybe my head is growing or something or perhaps I bought it too small in the first place.) So I’ve been going with merely the flip-up of the hood on my winter coat. Karen, knowing how good Elisabeth is with the knitting hooks, let her know my needs.


I love it. I wore it for my Saturday walk with Ellie B aka Dogamous Pyle upon return to A Bitty Better. I’m set for the rest of any cold weather we get this season. And for next winter, too.

Thank you, Elisabeth. Great work, daughter dear.

What sort of winter hat do you where, and are you satisfied?

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